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Ladakh is bounded by world's two mightiest mountain ranges the great Himalayan and the Karakoram, It lies athwart two others The Ladakh and the Zangskar range.
It leaves the first time traveler awestruck by its geographical and cultural difference as they land at Leh. The features of Ladakhi people, their clothes and dialects are similar to Tibetan and Mongoloid then Indian.

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Rafting In Ladakh

The Ladakh Region of jammu and kashmir provides very good oppourtunity for river rafting.There areRafting in Ladakh exciting possibilities to suit all abilities ! From gentle floating, to white water rafting. All set admist stunning scenery.... Imagine after a day's rafting,sitting by the camp fire on a sandy beach by the banks of the Zanskar or Indus river. Another combination ... a trek/ Jeep tour visiting the local sights and monasteries. Indus and Zanskar river are famous for river rafting in Ladakh region. The most difficult but exciting option for river running is on the Zanskar along its spectacular course through the gorge in the Zanskar mountins, between Padum and Nimo. This is suitable only for well organized white-water expedition, prepared for several days of river running and camping in absolute wilderness. Participants are required to be trained rafters themselves while the arrangements should be assigned to a dependable professional agency. Adequate arrangements for rescue coverage is an essential pre-requisite for embarking upon a white -water expedition on river like the Zanskar. Though Himachal has a number of rivers, it is only the Beas and the Chandra River in Lahaul that have been used for river running. There are regualr runs between Shamshi and Aut on the Beas. the 20 km stretch has exciting white water and class 3 rapids. The Chandra River flowing through the exotic mountainscape of Lahaul is another interesting area for river rafting. The other rivers of Himachal, namely the Ravi and Sutlej also have possibilities for rafting and canoeing.

With the sky-high Himalaya in the north and the sea-level jungle in the south separated by a mere 200 km of hilly terrain, the entire country is like a steep incline. The rivers that flow down from the mountains towards the flatlands, therefore are of the high speed kind. Brimming with glacial melt, the raging rivers charge down from the high mountains and as they twist and roar through the narrow gores the waters churn into white foam-answering the prayers of every river runner. Apart from the thrill of charging down tremendous waves and swirls, a white water trip on Nepal's waterways provide splendid views of the landscape and river died flora and fauna. Descending from the mountains to the plains, a river trip also provides a cross-section of Nepal's ethnic diversity. You traverse a variety of terrain. lifestyles and climatic conditions in a few short days. Some rivers rush through scenic canyons with sheer rock walls on either side while others course through uninhabited wilderness to offer varied scenery and excitement.