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Ladakh is bounded by world's two mightiest mountain ranges the great Himalayan and the Karakoram, It lies athwart two others The Ladakh and the Zangskar range.
It leaves the first time traveler awestruck by its geographical and cultural difference as they land at Leh. The features of Ladakhi people, their clothes and dialects are similar to Tibetan and Mongoloid then Indian.

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Cycling in Ladakh

Cycling though is very exciting it has certain suppositions that are followed and they are that: one must be a very good biker, because the high passes are not technical unpretending and also the roads are kind of very narrow and steep especially in the turns.

But something good is that the road is to 80% paved for use and the distances are not too long so this allows a person to access more routes and roads.

A support car carries your luggage, so you can enjoy the great Himalayan range at the best views. The best time is 10. June-30 September If you try going downhill this will seem quite easy but when it comes to climbing a hill then one will have a tough time.

It is a lovely sight as the barren desert combined with the surrounding snow capped mountains provides a picturesque view.

One can stop frequently to ask directions is a common sight and also one can stop to take in some fresh gush of air.

Apart from these adventure sports there are also arrangements for meals, accommodation, guides are meticulously planned and executed.

If any tourist wants he or she can take the assistance of a tour guide who can help you out with the routes and the limits and also give you information on all that you need to know. You can also try out on camel safari and also river rafting